Vision – Mission – Values


  • To Preserve and Promote the finer innate qualities of a woman and eternal Human Values, the rich heritage of our Nation, to equip her with knowledge and skills to meet the regional and global challenges with confidence.


  • The Mission of the Institution is to infuse the Spiritual, Ethical, Moral and Social Values to disseminate in unfolding and sensitizing the integrated personality of Womanhood.
  • Providing and Promoting the apt education to empower and assimilate all the innate human qualities to face the National and Global Challenges with confidence.


  • To encourage creativity, independent thinking and lifelong learning.
  • To nurture and foster work, enthusiasm and exhibit diligence and sincerity.
  • To provide education that is cognizant with changing demands of our society.
  • To develop sincerity, responsibility and work culture.
  • To provide the finest infrastructure, resources and services to enhance growth and development of every student.