About NSS


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a voluntary and value-based student youth programme, one of the, major youth schemes being operated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sport of the Government of India. The Scheme was launched with the primary objective of developing the personality and character of the student youth through voluntary community service. It was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year on 24th September 1969.

Aims & Objectives: The Aims and Objectives of NSS are:

  • To arouse the social conscience among students and provide them with an opportunity to engage in creative and constructive social action thus render service to the society
  • To apply the education they receive to concrete social use and specifically
    • To work with and among the people.
    • To enhance knowledge of oneself and the community through a face to face reality.
    • To use the knowledge gained in the classroom in a practical way for mitigating at least some of the social problems.
    • To gain skills in programme development to be able to be self-employed.

Motto: The motto of the NSS “NOT ME BUT YOU”.

It expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need to appreciate the other person’s point of view first and to show consideration for fellow human beings. It also underlines that the welfare of the individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society as a whole.

Programmes: The NSS has two types of programmes viz.,

  • Regular Activities
  • Special Camping Programme.

Under the “Regular Activities” students are expected to work as volunteers for a continuous period of two years, rendering community service for a minimum of 120 hours per annum(i, e 240 hours over 2 year period).

Under “Special Camping Programme” , a camp of 7 days duration is conducted every year in the adopted area on a specific theme. Each student is required to participate in at least one Special Camp over 2 year period.

Nature of activities under NSS

  • Education: Adult literacy, pre-school education, continuing education of education school drop-outs, legal literacy , consumer awareness, programmes on eradication of social evils, etc
  • Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition: Immunisatin, Blood donation, health education, AIDS awareness, population education and family welfare programmes, working with people in nutrition programme, provision of safe drinking water, life skill education,etc.
  • Environment Conservation: Plantation of trees and preservation/ upkeep, cleaning and maintenance of streets drains etc., construction of sanitary latrines, watershed management, soil conservation etc.
  • Social Service Programmes: work in hospitals, institutions for disabled persons, orphanages, old age homes, Women welfare institutions etc.
  • Programmes for improving Status of women: Awareness generation regarding women’s rights, creating awareness among women regarding how they can contribute to the social and economic well-being of the community, imparting skill training to women wherever possible.
  • Production-oriented Programmes: working with people and teaching them about improved agricultural practices, soil testing, repair of agricultural machinery, assistance and guidance in animal resource development, promoting small savings, assistance in procuring bank loans.
  • Relief and Rehabilitation during Natural Calamities: Assisting and working with local authorities in rescue and relief operation, in distribution of rations, medicines, clothing, immunization and inoculation etc.

About Us

The National Service Scheme was started by Government of India, Ministry of Education and Culture, Govt. of India, in Collaboration with State Government in the year 1969 in 37 selected Universities. Akkamahadevi University has been participating in the scheme right from its inception. The NSS Cell in the College is very active in enrolling a large number of students. The Cell also directs and coordinates with NSS Units of all the affiliated colleges in implementing various programmes. Our college is having two units which have been established with a rudimentary objective of providing a dais for the interested students to partake in social work during their free time. The units organizes annual and special camps and socially relevant programmes – like Blood donation camps, Health check-up and treatment camps, legal awareness, environment awareness and AIDS awareness Swachchata programs. It also has actively participated in the flood relief programmes. The Government has ordered from the year 2015-16 the NSS unit is compulsory to all Degree Colleges. At present the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME NSS (UNIT) scheme is run by the ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports in Central & State Government.

Units Name Photo
Unit A Dr. Shanta Math
Unit B Dr.Mahesh Ganwar

NSS Advisory Committee Members

Name Department Photo
Dr. Shivaraj Mulagi Chemistry
Dr. Mohanraj Pattar Physics
Shri Ravindra Y N Electronics
Dr. Parveen Rajesaab Chemistry
Smt. Shivaleela Dhotre History

Regular & Special Activities

  • Blood donation camp.
  • Tree Plantation
  • Social awareness rally
  • Cleanliness Campaign
  • Rain Harvesting
  • Water Conservation
  • Literacy Campaign
  • Women Empowerment
  • Awareness Programme in Flood affected area
  • Health Awareness Programme

Youtube Links

NSS Activities 2018-19
Corona Vaccine Awareness Song Presented By NSS Volunteers of Smt. V G Womens College, Kalaburagi

Rank Holders

BA/BSc Course

Aarati Gopiram Pareek
BBA - 86.67% - 9th Rank

Moksha B N
BSc - 91.25% - 7th Rank

MSc Course

Shruti Jajee
7.68 Grade - 4th Rank