Our – Values



1. To make use of ICT (Information Communication & Technology) in the teaching learning process.

2. To make available employment opportunities to the Students through placement activities and competitive examinations.

3. To strive for the holistic development of the Students.

4. To inculcate a secular outlook among the Students.

5. To sensitize our Students to their social and civic responsibilities.

6. To instil Soft skills and Life skills among students.


1. To transform College into a Centre of Academic Excellence and a Model Educational Institution.

2. To promote the research among Teachers & Students.

3. To inculcate in our Students, the desire of service to the community.

4. Our academic & co-curricular activities are designed to encourage intellectual curiosity and creativity among students.

5. To upkeep professional development activities of the Staff.

6. College recognizes and appreciate the efforts of all our Students and Staff members.