Brief History:

Department of psychology was started in the year 1980 by the great efforts of Dr. Shobha salagar under the able guidance of Smt. Vijayalaxmi Guru Siddaiahayya, the then principal of Smt. V. G. degree college for women,the management principal and the staff had felt the importance and need for educating the people of this area about the subject psychology, especially the women folk who were the victims of bad practices as the mental disorders were misinterpreted and very crude methods were used to treat them. Our college is the first women’s college to start a department of psychology in this region of Gulbarga city.

as psychology is a new science students were not permitted to apt psychology, as their parents were not having any proper knowledge about the subject matter of psychology. So during admission the student and parents were counseled, motivated and convinced to offer psychology as one of their optional subjects. The department has started with a very meager strength and now starts nearly 20-25 students every year. At present the Department of Physiology is well established and well equipped with one permanent staff and a guest faculty. THE students of psychology have brought laurels to the department by seeking ranks to the university since the inception of the department and also secured gold medals for securing highest marks in psychology to the university.

Objective of Department :

The vision of our department is to prepare the student to be physically fit, academically component, behaviourally integrated, psychologically balanced, socially enduring and spiritually evaluated to face the challenges of life confidently.

1. To teach psychology has curriculum

2. To preserve and promote mental health among students

3. To identify the potassium lists and capabilities of students

4. Development of personality of students who face the challenges of life with confidence

5. To provide opportunities to display express and enhance their talents

6. To train them in life skills.

Strength of students semester wise:

Academic Year B.A. II-Sem B.A. IV-Sem B.A. VI-Sem Total
2017-2018 11 13 14 38
2018-2019 13 11 13 37
2019-2020 9 13 10 32
2020-2021 15 9 13 37
2021-2022 11 12 8 31
2022-2023 21 11 11 43

Department of psychology category wise student admitted

Year SC ST OBC GM Total
2017-2018 3 8 11
2018-2019 2 11 13
2019-2020 9 9
2020-2021 9 9
2021-2022 2 10 12
2022-2023 1 1 15 4 21

Result Analysis:

Academic Year B.A. I B.A. II B.A. III
App. Pass % App. Pass % App. Pass %
2017-2018 12 12 100% 14 14 100% 13 13 100%
2018-2019 10 10 100% 13 13 100% 13 13 100%
2019-2020 13 12 92% 11 11 100% 11 11 100%
2020-2021 09 09 100% 13 13 100% 10 10 100%
2021-2022 11 11 100% 07 07  100% 11 10 90.91%

Year wise student strength 2017-2023 

Infrastructure Detail : List of Equipments


S.No Name of the Faculty Photo Qualification & Experience BioData
1 Smt.Chaya Patil   M.A , Bed. Fresher View Profile

Courses & Syllabus

Course : Arts

Programme: B.A

Subject: combinations ( Psychology: English, Sociology, Kannada, Hindi, and Urdu.)


Result Analysis:

Semester Material links
BA Syllabus BA Syllabus
BA, I, II, and OE I,II Semester NEP Syllabus BA OE and I,II semester Syllabus
BA III, IV and OE III,IV Semester NEP Syllabus BA III and IV syllabus



Curricular and Scheme of Examination:

The curricular activities of the department runs according to the semester system introduced during the year 2007. The syllabus and scheme of evaluation too was revised. Today the examination consists of theory Examination, the weightage being 80 marks, and internal assessment test, being of 20 marks, for each semester. The internal Assessment consists of two tests, along with general behavior of the learner.

Co-Curricular Activities:

Along with curricular activities the other co-curricular activities of the department are, Seminars, group discussions, Pick and Speak, visits to schools, Educational tours and excursions.

Seminars Conducted in the Department:

To help the students to update knowledge, seminars are conducted in the class. The students are given different topics to choose and prepare. The topic concerned with the issues like

  1.  Memory
  2.  Neuron
  3.  Child development
  4.  Prenatal development
  5.  Training method
  6.  Social perception

Counseling Service by Department:

  • They are neither able to solve problems by themselves nor discuss them with their parents. They suffer in silence.
  • Sharing  the problem with a proper person will release at least 70% of the stress. Other 30% should be solved.
  • Counselors are the suitable people who can listen to their  problems patiently and help them to analyze their own problems and adopt Measures solve their problems.
  • Our counseling center equips the students to manage themselves in any given situation.
  • Students nowadays are facing a lot of stress related to academic, social, emotional and personal problems.

Workshop attended: Name 2018-2019 2019-2020 2021-2022
1 Shivleela R.B 1 3
2 Manisha Patil 1 5
3 Chaya Patil Two day Professional Development Programme on Information & Communication Technology

 Shivleela R.B WorkshopTopics:

  1. Professional Development Training Program for Teachers(2018).
  2. Vattaddinda Baruva Kayilegalu Hagu Avvugal Nirvahne Hege?(2019).
  4. One Day Intensive Training  Program in Practical Counseling Skills(2019).

Manisha Patil WorkshopTopics:

  1. Professional Development Training Program for Teachers(2018).
  2. Women Behaviour & Technology(2019).
  3. Basic Clinical Psychology WorkShop For Beginners(2019).
  4. One Day Intensive Training  Program in Practical Counseling Skills(2019).
  5. Couple & Family Therapy(2019).
  6. Vattaddinda Baruva Kayilegalu Hagu Avvugal Nirvahne Hege (2019).

Seminars/Webinar attended:

Si No Name 2019-2020
1 Shivleela R.B 01
2 Manisha Patil 02
3 Chaya Patil

Shivleela R.B  Seminars Topics:

  1. Two Day Seminar On Gender Sensitization-Towards Equality (2019).

 Manisha Patil  Seminars Topics:

  1. Importance Including Ethics-A Developmental perspective & Lapse of Ethics(2019).
  2. Gender Sensitization -Toward Equality(2020).

Conference attended:

Si No Name 2019-2020
1 Shivleela R.B
2 Manisha Patil 2
3 Chaya Patil

Manisha Patil Conference Topics:

  2. The Perceived Stress, Hope, & Self Regulation Among Graduate Student’s Of Karnataka.

Seminar list 2021-22:

SI.No. Name of the students Class B.A Topics of the Seminar
1. Hazel Thakkar I Sem Memory
2. Tayyaba Anjum I Sem Types of memory
3. Mehak Fatima I Sem Neuron Structure and functions
4. Vidyashree M I Sem Endocrine system
5. Noorin Bushra I Sem Attention
6. Sarah Saniya III Sem Child development
7. Bhagyashree III Sem Prenatal development
8. Muskan Begum III Sem Development psychology
9. Ajiya Begum V Sem Social psychology
10. Malashree II Sem Learning
11. Ayesha Samreen II Sem Forgetting
12. Uroosi Mahewash II Sem Methods of studying brain functions
13. Sudhrani R.B IV Sem Job analysis
14. Ayesha Maryam II Sem Motivation
15. Sana Anjum V Sem Cooperation and helping
16. Sunita Chavan V Sem Goals and fundamental Howtheone study

Program & Course Outcome

Non –

Future Plan

1.Teachers apply for research projects

2.Take up more extension activities


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Aarati Gopiram Pareek
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Moksha B N
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7.68 Grade - 4th Rank