Infrastructure Maintenance Policy

Procedure and Policies for Maintaining and Utilizing Facilities

In order to look after the Construction, maintenance and repairing of academic buildings, library, classrooms, electrical appliances and other physical infrastructure of the College, a separate Department of Maintenance and Engineering is set up by our Management of Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society, Kalaburagi. Principal, of College, intimates the construction, maintenance and repairing related requirements, as and when required, to the Department of Maintenance and Engineering set up in the society.

Any work pertaining to construction is brought to the notice of the Maintenance and Engineering Department of our society. The Department deputes the concerned persons to attend the work after that they give estimation for the work. The same is brought to the notice of the Administrative Officer. After the approval from the Management the work is taken up by the concerned authority. The Principal monitors the quality of the work and advises as and when required. The final payment is made after the completion of work. Utilization certificate and work completion reports are submitted and endorsed by the Principal to concerned authority.

Purchase :
The Head of the Department and concerned Staff give the list of requirements to the Principal. The list of requirement is forwarded to the Administrative Officer for the permission to purchase. Once the permission is sought the Principal and the concerned Staff asks the vendor to give the quotations from different venders. The comparative statement of the quotations is again forwarded to the Administrative Officer to select the vendor. The Principal place the order to the vendor. Once the vendor supplies the equipment’s (requirements) the concerned Staff certify the goods on receiving in good conditions as per the bill and agreement. The payment to the vendor is made through the Cheque.

Maintenance : the maintenance of all civil works are assigned to the Maintenance and Engineering Cell of our society.

ICT/IT Maintenance :
ours is the only society which has established IT cell in all the sister institutions. In our College separate IT cell is established and IT coordinator looks after all the IT related problems and maintains the College website also.

Laboratories :
All the laboratories are available for the Students throughout the year. Labs are properly maintained by respective Departments. All the Science Departments are having individual Attender who ensures that the equipment’s are kept clean and maintained in a proper way.

Library : Library is utilized by the stake holders throughout the year irrespective of vacations. Demand for the new books are accepted by the Librarian throughout the year. The books are procured by the permission of the Principal.

Sports : The Physical Director takes care of all the requirements of the Indoor and Outdoor games. The Gym in the College is also maintained by the Physical Director and the repairs are attended as and when required. The Sports requirements are attained by the Physical Director and Principal.

Rank Holders

BA/BSc Course

Aarati Gopiram Pareek
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7.68 Grade - 4th Rank